Acting really is a talent. Actors and actresses commit to their characters fully and make us fall in love with them, but in real life, some of them are just not feeling it. Even industry veterans experience some degree of dislike towards some of their projects. It might be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s completely normal.

However, they do speak out years later on the roles they were less enthused about, and it does not matter if these films pushed them to become the A-listers they are now. They just plain hated it.

So why did they hate them so much? Read on and find out.

Penn Badgley in You

Penn Badgely received credit for his role as Dan Humphrey, a person who loved literature and apparently stalking his friends in the hit sitcom Gossip Girl. Now, he is massively known as Joe Goldberg, a person who works at a bookstore and likes stalking girls, in the Netflix series You. They’re pretty similar, don’t you think? Nonetheless, Badgley just feels it’s disturbing how fans romanticize the crazed stalker in his new project. They do know they’re infatuating on a criminal, right?

Robert Pattinson in Twilight

Not Edward Cullen!  Robert Pattinson hated the Twilight. Don’t get him wrong, though. He loved the cast, the experience, and the things it has done for his career. He just did not connect with his character on a personal level, calling him a 108-year-old virgin. Well, at least he still gave the stint credit for kickstarting his career.

Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up

This next one might surprise you, but the rom-com royalty did not like the film Knocked Up, which paved the way for her mainstream success. She just thought that the portrayal of women in the film was not realistic to a considerable degree. Women were painted to be downers and bad-tempered. Her character made it hard for her to appreciate the movie, and this comment did not sit well with her co-star Seth Rogen.

Matthew Goode in Leap Year

The British actor was aware of the film’s criticism, yet he did not mind it that much. Goode already knew that the movie was no good for a project, but he chose to do it to be closer to home. Just a little gas to the airport and a plane ride over the weekends did the trick. Did he like the movie, though? Nope. Not a single bit.

Channing Tatum in I. Joe: Rise of Cobra


People were shocked when he was killed in the second installment of the movie franchise, and now we know why. He hated the movie, and he said so on The Howard Stern Show while promoting his blockbuster hit Magic Mike XXL. He just thought that the script did not reach the degree of hype like it did for him in the comics when he was a kid.

Halle Berry in Catwoman

She made headlines as the first African-American woman to win an Oscar for her role in Monster’s Ball. Soon after, she played the famous D.C. antihero, Catwoman, and ultimately won an award for the movie, a Razzie. She accepted the award in great taste, like the classy woman she is.  However, who could blame her for hating the film? She literally went from best to worst in a blink of an eye. To a certain degree, at least.

Mark Wahlberg in The Happening


The actor went on a press conference and let it all out. He regrets doing M. Night Shyamalan’s film, which focused on the antagonistic trees. Yes, Trees. Wahlberg went out of his way and expressed that he did the movie because he wanted to try out different roles at that time and minimize being typecast for someone smug like a crook. Well, we do have to give him credit for trying.

Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It’s Indiana Jones! Don’t worry, the actor did not hate the film per se, but he did hate his performance. He was his own critic, and he did not like his dull performance. Disappointed, he felt like he did not deliver the degree of energy the beloved franchise is known for.  Ironically, a lot of people watched the film, and they think it was great — “Shia, don’t be so hard on yourself, you were amazing!”