We’re used to seeing our favorite Hollywood stars slay it in front of the camera. However, it might surprise you to know that some of them were also the ones behind the camera. Actors wear different masks and layers when they portray a character on-screen. Other people don’t know that pretty much the same thing happens in real life when celebrities switch up the roles. Their craft anddegreeof passion for motion pictures are not limited to delivering lines when the film is rolling – it goes beyond that. They have a vision they want to express through the field of direction. That is why these celebrities are forces to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Here are some of Tinseltown’s multi-faceted talents.

Will Ferrell


This Saturday Night Live alum was always known for his wit in comedy. He was so clever that his original audition skits even made the final cut during post-production. This guy made Anchorman what it was alongside his cast full of comedic veterans. However, who knew he also produced and co-wrote the movie? Definitely, a real-life Ron Burgundy. He’s kind of a big deal, with an incredible credit score to boot.

Joseph Gordon- Levitt


What’s better than being Scarlet Johanson’s on-screen lover in Don Jon? Directing the movie, of course. The film did gross $61.3 million worldwide, giving Joseph a hefty return for his investments.

Mel Gibson


Haven’t seen Mel Gibson on screen nowadays? Maybe it’s because he’s busy making too many critically acclaimed films. If you didn’t know, he actually takes credit for being the director and lead actor in Braveheart. He is also responsible for other movies like Hacksaw Ridge, Apocalypto, and The Passion of the Christ.

 Sylvester Stallone


How could we forget Rocky Balboa? Sylvester Stallone is best known for playing the underdog boxer in the Rocky franchise and blowing up gas stations as John Rambo in the Rambo franchise. Both of which he starred in, wrote, and directed. He also gathered an action-packed cast and made The Expendables franchise what it is now.

Keenen Ivory Wayans

If you’re part of the millennial generation, you’d agree that White Chicks will forever be a part of pop culture. The iconic movie provided us with the most memorable lines, scenes, characters, and dance breaks. Keenen Ivory Wayans takes credit for starring in and directing the film and other movies like Little Man and Scary Movie.

Jordan Peele

Most people know Jordan Peele for the American comedy series Key & Peele, with his co-star Keegan-Michael Key. In the series, he plays hilarious characters that just make you laugh away a very stressful day. He literally just lights up the room with electricity. Ironically, he has directed and wrote the most profitable and successful award-winning horror movies like Get Out and Us. He just keeps releasing these original thematic movies. Lucky for us, his other directorial film Candyman is coming out really soon.

Elizabeth Banks

She made us laugh in the Pitch Perfect franchise and made us want to be spies with a great sense of fashion in the Charlie’s Angels 2019 reboot. However, what’s more impressive is that she starred directed both movies. Way to gas up your career!

Machine Gun Kelly

The rapper slash punk rock singer is known for coming up with his music videos. However, this time he took his skills to the screen. If you didn’t know, Machine Gun Kelly earned a directorial credit for a musical drama starring TikTok star Chase Hudson named Downfalls High.

Bradley Cooper


Who knew Bradley Cooper could sing like an angel? Apparently, he does because he showcased it in the film he directed, A Star is Born. The actor proves to us that he has a good eye for box office hits since personally hiring the pop star Lady Gaga to star opposite him in the movie. Together with Lady Gaga, they just gave us pure raw emotion in the critically praised film. The degree of chemistry was pure magic.