To this day, Jennifer Joanna Aniston is still one of the most in-demand actresses in the entertainment industry. Ever since she brought the iconic character Rachel Green to life, her success as an actress has never wavered. Ever since the pilot episode of America’s favorite sitcom, Friends, came out in 1994, Jennifer instantly became a household name.

She may have started out as a television star, but movie roles came pouring in for this lucky star. After all, she is not just stunningly gorgeous, but she is also undeniably charming on-screen. No wonder she is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. Her financial advisor must be keeping track of her assets all the time.

Jennifer has millions of fans from all over the world, myself included. However, there still might be a couple of things you don’t know about this incredibly talented actress. From the jobs she took before she became wildly famous to the group honeymoon she took with her closest friends, Jennifer is one lady full of surprises. There are still a couple of things you are yet to find out about your favorite celebrity. Here are some surprising things you never knew about her.

Making Ends Meet


Like many actors and actresses, trying to make it as a Hollywood star can be challenging, and Jennifer was not exempted from it. When she started auditioning in Los Angeles and New York, she also had to hold down numerous less-glamorous jobs. She might even have made some personal loans during these times.

In a 2011 press conference for Horrible Bosses, Jen revealed that she used to be a bike messenger in New York. She was only 19 years old, and she was terrible at her job. Jennifer even drove into an open car door once while she was on the job. She also worked as an ice cream scooper. In addition to that, Jennifer also worked as a waitress, just like her character, Rachel.

A Hollywood Heiress


Not many people know this about Jennifer, but her parents are actually in the entertainment industry. Her mother, Nancy Dow, was extremely popular in the sixties. She starred on several critically acclaimed television shows, including The Wild Wild West and The Beverly Hillbillies. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s dad, John Aniston, starred on the television series called Day Of Our Lives. Yes, that is precisely the same show Joey Tribbiani (Jennifer’s co-star Matt LeBlanc’s character) was in on Friends.

Jennifer also cited her parents for introducing her to Hollywood. However, they were not exactly supportive of the idea. In fact, her father wanted her to be a lawyer. Although that didn’t work out, we’re sure her dad is more than proud of her, especially now that she’s worth a whopping $300 million!

Pre-Friends Career


Friends was not the first television series our darling Jennifer was on. She was actually on four different television shows before her breakthrough role as Rachel Green.  In 1990, she was on the television adaptation of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when she was just 21 years old. Jennifer was also on the sketch comedy series titled, The Edge, which aired in 1992. In 1994, she also starred on the CBS comedy, Muddling Through just before she starred on Friends, which became her biggest television credit.

Style Icon

As a nineties icon, Jennifer became so famous that she had a hairstyle named after the character she played on Friends. It was called “The Rachel.” Her signature look became the hairstyle of almost every single American woman at the time.

A Born Comedian

At this point, it is safe to say that Jennifer is indeed a talented comedian. In fact, Adam Sandler revealed that she was offered a spot on one of the funniest shows in the world, Saturday Night Live. However, she turned it down to star on Friends. We ought to thank our lucky stars for her decision because Friends will definitely not be the same had she not earned the credit for Rachel Green.

She Almost Did Not Get The Part

Hardcore fans probably know this fun fact already, but it is still worth mentioning. There was another actress who was considered for the role of Rachel, and it was no other than Courtney Cox. Fortunately, Courtney wanted to play the role of Monica Geller, and it worked out splendidly.

Thanks to her undeniable success, she is now living splendidly and lavishly in her dreamy California mansion. A single property out of her impressive investment portfolio.