Celebrities can be a bit strange to us sometimes, and because they have risen to fame, we can’t help but get a little surprised when we stumble upon some of their little secrets. I mean, you can’t certainly imagine one of the biggest stars in Hollywood working as a lion tamer in his youth, right? These celebrities might have purchased something so ridiculously expensive that’s it’s difficult to wrap your head around it. They could have done some financial planning using that money to generate more money into their accounts.

Some of these secrets are just so bizarre but nonetheless true. Let’s take a look at some of these celebrity facts you would probably wish you did not know after reading them. You might find yourself yelling, “Too much information!” on your phone. But, hey, it is definitely worth knowing!

The Obama’s Student Loans


The Obamas are well educated. After all, Barack is the former President of The United States. The 44th president of the country went to many universities including, Columbia University. He then went to Harvard Law School.

The former first lady, on the other hand, Michelle Obama, got her college degree from Princeton University. Now, many of you will be shocked to discover that these love birds did not pay off their student loans until they were in their forties. This beautiful couple finally paid their student loans in 2004. Just a few years later, Barack would win the presidency. They are just the cutest pair in the world.

Katy Perry’s Strange Collection


Katy Perry is a professional singer-songwriter whom we all grew to love and adore. She is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry these days. In fact, she is also one of the wealthiest. After all, she is responsible for many songs we all know and sing-along to today, including Last Friday Night, The One That Got Away, and I Kissed A Girl. Her jaw-dropping net worth is already around $330 million and various property investments all over the United States. Now, Katy seems like she does not have a weird bone in her body. However, she once told the world that she has an odd hobby. She has a very odd collection, not the typical ones, like cars. Apparently, Katy collects human hair. She has a collection of hair, yes you read that right, hair. She revealed that she has locks of it from her fellow celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

Ashton Kutcher’s Condition


Now, we can all agree when I say that Ashton Kutcher is one of the most beautiful men alive. His smoldering looks, along with those dazzling eyes, a defined jawline that is enough to cut glass, plus that great height of 6 foot 2, are enough to make any person swoon. He is just too perfect! No one can look that good, right? There has got to be a catch, and there is. Ladies and gentlemen, Ashton is hiding something in those shoes. Webbed toes. Apparently, he has a condition called syndactyly. In 2008, he showed off his fascinating toes on a British talk show. We ought to give credit to Ashton for keeping it real.

Kesha’s Supernatural Encounter


American singer-songwriter Kesha Rose Sebert is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. At 18 years old, she already started her music career by signing to Kemosabe Records. Her career eventually took off after being featured on Flo Rida’s number-one single, Right Round. As of 2020, this superstar has a staggering net worth of $5 million. She must have a financial advisor helping her oversee her assets.

Besides that, Kesha seems like a reasonable and logical person. However, in an interview with Conan O’Brien, Kesha revealed something that would knock your brain out of your head. Her claim was that she got intimate with a ghost once. She and an otherworldly spirit had a romantic encounter. Apparently, the spirit did not have a name. So there you go, at least now you know that Kesha has some supernatural abilities.