As they say, you can find love just about anywhere. What more if you are playing lovers on screen? While seeing actors fall in love with their co-stars is a fairly common scenario, only a few pairs actually left a mark as real-life couples. Here are some of our favorite castmates-turned-lovers teams that were able togasup their careers by taking it to the next level.

Dan & Serena – Gossip Girl

How can we ever forget the love story of Dan and Serena, who were the center of controversies in the series Gossip Girl? Portrayed by Penn Badgely and Blake Lively, Serena and Dan wed at the end of the show. Their on-screen chemistry seems undeniable, probably because they have real feelings for each other. Initially, Penn and Lively hid their relationship but went public afterward as advised by their producers. Unlike Dan and Serena, Penn and Blake did not end up together. They split in 2010 after being in a relationship for three years. Oh well, at least they earned some investment money off of their time on the show.

John Snow & Ygritte – Game of Thrones


John Snow and Ygritte might have a short-lived relationship in the Game of Thrones series due to Ygritte’s untimely demise. Still, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, the actors who played the said roles, continued their romance in real life. Later on, the two sealed their union in 2018 over marriage vows. They now have a child together and a few shared investments.

Betty & Jughead – Riverdale

Among Riverdale’s complicated relationship set-up, Betty and Jughead are the only constant couple. Their team-up gathered much approval from the viewers as Betty and Jughead seem to have a strong connection. Apparently, Lily Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are dating in real life, and to which they credit their on-screen magic. However, after their on-off relationship, the two went separate ways in early 2020.

Sookie & Bill – True Blood

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer might be very grateful for starring in the same series, True Blood, in 2008. If not for the show, Anna Paquin might not have married Stephen in real life and be blessed with adorable twins. The two kids are probably secured with insurance from their A-list parents.

Penny & Leonard – The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Leonard are opposite polls in the storyline of The Big Bang Theory, yet they seem to have found love with each other. In real life, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki got infected with their on-screen love bug and began dating in 2008 but ended it in 2010. Fortunately, the two maintained some degree of friendship after their relationship ended.

Damon & Elena – The Vampire Diaries


The Vampire Diaries became a popular TV series due to the swoon-worthy appearances of its actors, especially the lead actors, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. The two made their on-screen romance looks so authentic due to their real-life romance that began in 2010. In 2013, they parted ways but remained on good terms. They surely deserve credit for being so chill about the situation.

Finn & Rachel – Glee

Rachel and Finn are a dream couple for most geeks. Like their slow budding love story on screen, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith had a slow burn of their real-life romance. Sadly, their love story ended when Cory met his untimely demise in 2013, leaving Michele devasted to a degree.

Prince Charming & Snow White – Once Upon A Time

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas earned acting credits as Prince Charming and Snow White in the 2011 TV series, Once Upon a Time. Their fairytale love story became a reality when they began dating and eventually got married in 2014.

Pete & Beth – Mad Men

Pete and Beth might not have the most ideal relationship on screen, but they are a perfect couple in real life. Alexis Bledel, who played Beth, and Vincent Kartheiser, who took credit for playing Pete, made their relationship legal by marrying each other in 2014. After two years, they welcomed their first child.

Jackie & Kelso – That 70s Show

Jackie and Kelso are the screen partner from the That 70s Show. Although they did not end up together, the actors who played the roles, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, did. It all happened years after the show’s conclusion, and now they are busy with their children’s online classes.

Nancy & Jonathan – Stranger Things

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are the stars of Stranger Things who are strangers to each other. After seeing their potential team up in season one, the two finally matched in season two. Even more, they became a real-life couple in 2017. Is it just us, or do you also feel some degree of excitement for these two?