Angelina Jolie | Humanitarian

For someone so renowned in the international scene, you would think Angelina Jolie doesn’t need a backup career. The actress, on the other hand, opted to pour out her efforts and investment money into humanitarian efforts. In recent years, she became involved with UNHCR, collecting funds, donating money to various organizations, and traveling around the world on field missions.

To this day, she promotes various causes, such as education, conservation, and women’s rights, and is most notable for her advocacy on behalf of refugees. For her massive contribution to humanitarianism, Jolie has received a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. She was also made an honorary Dame Commander (DCMG), among several other honors. The actress has been, at many times, considered the world’s highest-paid actresses, commanding a sum of $20 million for a single role. It’s inspiring to know she uses her wealth for the common good.