The entertainment industry has been going for as long as we can remember. From radio programs to TV shows to full feature films and everything in between, the spotlight has undoubtedly shone its bright light on numerous stars over the years. Many of us probably don’t realize that some of these big-name figures are related to each other.

With the entertainment industry spanning more than a couple of generations at this point, it’s no surprise that some celebrities are the grandkids of other big-name figures. Well, for this article, we’ll be talking about a few of them. Today, we’ll be showcasing celebrities and their grandkids. Some of these grandkids have since become big-name figures in the entertainment industry like their grandparents. Meanwhile, some opt for a more low-key lifestyle, focusing their investments on ventures away from the spotlight. Even so, it wouldn’t hurt to assume that their grandparents are more than proud of the achievements they’ve made over the years.

Jacqueline Onassis – Rose Schlossberg

While she is often recognized as former president John F. Kennedy’s first lady, Jacqueline Onassis also has a couple of other tricks on her sleeve. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French literature, Jackie first worked as a photographer for Washington Times-Herald before meeting Kennedy. Through the years, she also gained a reputation for her excellent fashion sense. Above that, though, the one thing people liked about her is that she loves her kids and grandkids.

One of these grandkids is her granddaughter, Rose Schlossberg. Jackie spent a lot of time with Rose throughout her childhood. Throughout that period, the grandmother-granddaughter duo often went to playgrounds or visit museums. Today, Rose bears a near-resemblance with grandma Jackie. Plus, along with dabbling in political endeavors, Rose also has a fascination for all things fashion, just like Jackie back then.

Bob Elliott – Abby Elliott

While his parents worked relatively modest jobs, his father worked in insurance while his mother, a needleworker, Bob Elliott, opted for a career in the entertainment industry. Throughout his time in the spotlight, Bob gained fame for entertaining audiences with his comedic chops. From radio programs to TV shows to humor articles, this actor/comedian had the chance to appear in shows like Saturday Night LiveHappy Days, and Bob and Ray.

Like many things, comedy is something people continue to look for and share with others. Through the years, the entertainment industry has introduced more than a few comedians. Of course, one of them just so happens to be Bob’s granddaughter, Abby Elliott. Like her grandfather, Abby also had the chance to appear in a couple of Saturday Night Live episodes. Along the way, she also showcased her acting and comedic chops with roles in Odd Mom Out and, more recently, Indebted.

Audrey Hepburn – Emma Ferrer

Before making her way to the acting scene, Audrey Hepburn spent a portion of her teens learning ballet. She eventually landed a spot as a chorus girl in a couple of theater musicals. A few years later, she got her first shot to fame with an acting credit in the 1953 film Roman Holiday, which earned her a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and an Oscar. Since then, the actress has become one of the industry’s most iconic figures.

Meanwhile, the award-winning actress’ granddaughter, Emma Ferrer, is making a name for herself in her way. Like her grandma, Emma also spent some time taking ballet classes before starting a career in the entertainment industry. While she did land a role in 2019’s psychological thriller The Man in the Attic, Emma mostly worked as a model. In more recent years, though, she has opted for a more low-key lifestyle, sharing artworks on her Instagram and working as a curator.

Debbie Reynolds – Billie Lourd

To some degree, life has a way of making seemingly unrelated matters connect in the end. Such was the case for Debbie Reynolds. Throughout her childhood, Debbie was just like every other girl in school. However, that changed when she competed and won in 1948’s Miss Burbank pageant. Among that contest’s audience members were Warner Bros. talent scouts, who offered her a spot in the entertainment industry. Throughout her near-seven-decade-long career under the spotlight, the actress gained recognition for her performance in Three Little WordsTammy and the Bachelor, and Bundle of Joy.

Her granddaughter, Billie Lourd, is also slowly making her way to celebrity stardom. The daughter of world-famous actress Carrie Fisher, Billie began her career back in 2015, landing a part in Star Wars Trilogy: The Force Awakens and the Scream Queens TV series. Along with her continuing involvement in the American Horror Story anthology series, it’s safe to say Billie’s fame will only soar even higher from here on out.

Ringo Starr – Tatia Starkey

If there’s one thing present in all of us, it’s a love for music. Through the years, we have seen plenty of musicians grace the spotlight. With that said, among the industry’s greats would undoubtedly be the Beatles, a band composed of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and of course, Ringo Starr. Often given credit for being one of the world’s greatest drummers, Ringo’s musical inclination undoubtedly runs through his family’s genes.

In more recent years, his granddaughter, Tatia Starkey, began her career in the music scene. Although she did give the piano a shot during her childhood, Tatia eventually discovered she’s better with the bass guitar. Since then, she has had the chance to play for a couple of bands, the recent ones being My Vitriol and Belakiss. Plus, she gave grandpa Ringo a great-grandkid, her son Stone Zakomo Low. Wonder what instrument he’ll eventually find a liking to.

Elizabeth Taylor – Quinn Tivey

It’s often common for one thing to lead to another thing. A domino effect of sorts, if you will. Well, one such example is Elizabeth Taylor’s journey to the entertainment industry. Her parents spent a significant portion of their investment money on their very own art gallery throughout her childhood. They eventually accumulated a good number of clients, many of which had connections in the film industry. Thanks to that, Elizabeth began her career under the spotlight as a child actress.

Debuting with a role in 1942’s There’s One Born Every Minute, the actress eventually garnered widespread fame and recognition for her work in projects such as Cat on a Hot Tin RoofButterfield 8, and Cleopatra. Outside of acting, Elizabeth was also known for her philanthropic endeavors. Well, by the looks of it, her grandson, Quinn Tivey, shares the same passion as her. While he hasn’t dabbled in any acting gigs just yet, it’s safe to say the actress is proud of what Quinn has achieved.

Henry Fonda – Bridget Fonda

Before making his way to the spotlight, Henry Fonda dabbled in a couple of jobs, such as a part-timer in his father’s print plant and at a credit reporting agency. However, by the time he was 20 years old, he had landed his very first acting gig. It was a stage play Marlon Brando’s mother recommended he auditioned for. With that stint as a starting point, Henry eventually became one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, well-known for his performance in films like Young Mr. LincolnThe Wrong Man, and On Golden Pond, his final film.

Like her grandpa, Bridget Fonda also gave acting a try. Her first on-screen appearance was for 1969’s Easy Rider – she was around four years old during its production. Since then, the actress has become most known for her work in The Godfather Part IIIJackie Brown, and Point of No Return. The last film she received a feature in was 2002’s Snow Queen.

Gregory Peck – Ethan Peck

Throughout his childhood, Gregory Peck often went with his grandmother to the movies. Well, who would’ve thought he’d appear in a couple of movies later on? Beginning his acting career on the stage, with his earlier stints being for productions made by his university’s theater group, Gregory got his film debut with 1944’s Days of Glory. Now considered one of Classic Hollywood’s greatest stars, the actor’s other works include The Valley of DecisionRoman HolidayThe Omen, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

By the looks of it, a love for performing indeed runs in this family. Gregory’s grandson, Ethan Peck, began his journey to the entertainment industry at a young age. Among his earlier acting credits in the business was as a younger version of Ashton Kutcher’s Michael Kelso in That ‘70s Show. Since then, he has focused on other notable projects such as The Sorcerer’s ApprenticeThe Midnight Sky, and Star Trek: Discovery.

Anne Gwynne – Chris Pine

Before she found her place in the entertainment industry, Anne Gwynne worked as a model, though she also did a few acting gigs for a couple of small theaters. With that said, her journey to celebrity stardom finally went swinging when she signed a contract for Universal Pictures. Since then, while she has starred in various genres, Anne often takes credit for being one of horror’s first scream queens.

In more recent years, her grandson has been making quite for himself in the industry, too. Chris Pine got his film debut with 2004’s The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Five years later, he gained even more recognition for his performance as James T. Kirk in 2009’s Star Trek, a role he reprised for two follow-up sequels. With that said, other projects he worked on along the way include Into the WoodsThe Finest HoursUnstoppable, and the recent Wonder Woman films.

Tippi Hedren – Dakota Johnson

More often than not, a success story starts with humble beginnings. Such was the case with Tippi Hedren, who had her first modeling gigs in department store fashion shows. After some time, she got the attention of famous filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, who then gave her a role in two of his acclaimed films: 1963’s The Birds and Marnie, released the following year. Her daughter, Melanie Griffith, also established a career in acting.

Through Melanie, Tippi is the grandmother of actress Dakota Johnson. She got her first on-screen appearance when she was ten years old, appearing in 1999’s Crazy in Alabama, starring her mama Melanie. After a couple of stints as a model and actress, Dakota got her first shot to fame with a role in 2012’s 21 Jump Street. Since then, she has dabbled in other investments, though she is undoubtedly most known for her work in films like Black MassSuspiria, and Bad Times at the El Royale.

Elvis Presley – Riley Keough

At this point, just about every person knows who Elvis Presley is. Dubbed the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis has since become one of the music industry’s most iconic figures, thanks to his hit records and just-as-successful concerts and tours. Along the way, he also gave acting a shot, appearing in films such as Love Me Tender and Jailhouse Rock. His granddaughter, Riley Keough, began her journey as a model.

She had the chance to grace the fashion shows of big-name figures like Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana throughout that period. By 20 years old, Riley appeared in her first film: 2010’s The Runaways. Often known for her involvement in indie movies, the actress has since garnered a high degree of recognition for her work on projects such as The Girlfriend ExperienceIt Comes at NightLogan Lucky, and most recently, The Devil All The Time.

Albert Einstein – Bernard Einstein

You know you’re going on the right track when your name finally becomes synonymous with “genius.” Now takes recognition one of the greatest physicists of all time, Albert Einstein, was a natural-born intellectual. In fact, at just 12 years old, he was already fluent in various mathematic subjects – he learned Euclidean geometry and algebra in just one summer. Since then, he has achieved many things, such as working on quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity.

For Einstein’s fascination with science and all things related to technology, maybe it’s safe to assume a portion of the credit goes to his father, an engineer. In the same fashion, his grandson, Bernard Einstein, developed the same knack for the subject. While he has also made plenty of achievements in the world of technology, there’s another passion Bernard has in common with grandpa Einstein: their love for music – he even gave his violin to Bernard.

Nelson Mandela – Zoleka Mandela

When apartheid was still very much a thing in Africa, Nelson Mandela was right in the middle of it, protesting it, fighting against it, and eventually winning against it. He used his knowledge as a lawyer and his compassion as a citizen to fight against the then-prevailing status quo. Later, he served as South Africa’s first black head of state, elected through a democratic system. His effort of national reconciliation marked his presidency after a highly divisive transition.

During the difficult times, one of those who inspired Mandela was his granddaughter, Zoleka, born to his daughter, Zindzi Mandela, and her first husband, Zwelibanzi Hlongwane. If you wonder, the Mandelas were descendants of King Madiba of the Thembu people, so they are actually royalty. The younger Mandela, like her grandfather, regularly fell under illness yearly, but both of them have used the onset of illness as inspiration for activism.

Bob Dylan – Pablo Dylan

Given credit as one of the best songwriters of all time, Bob Dylan has certainly lived up to the accolade. His highest award is a Nobel Prize for Literature. After all, his hit songs, “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are a-Changin,” became the go-to songs of the anti-war and civil rights movements. Apart from being a nationally recognized singer, Dylan is also an author, with eight books of drawings and paintings to his name.

Following his grandfather’s footsteps is Pablo Dylan, who has recently switched genres from hip-hop to folk-rock. He is proud to be the elder Dylan’s grandson and has fondly referred to him as the Jay-Z of his time. While maybe a novice in the industry, it appears that Pablo is well-prepared to take on the challenges of being a Dylan. He attributes his early success in music to have a stronger will because he came in prepared.

Kris Jenner – Chicago

Socialite Kris Jenner came into prominence because of her starring role in the reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which remains on the air since 2007. Indeed, the reality star transformed into a worldwide celebrity sensation because of the show. Jenner has four children by first lawyer first husband, Robert Kardashian, and two with Bruce Jenner. Even though the family is wealthy now, Jenner’s stepfather suffered a financial setback when a business partner took all the capital.

Jenner has ten grandchildren, and one of them is Chicago West, born to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Her mother, Kim, has been very proud of Chicago and has posted her images on Instagram. Try visiting their page, and you would see fantastic mother-daughter selfies. Kris also has several pictures of the family, including Chicago. As Kim and Kanye process their separation, we expect Jenner to take on more roles as the kid’s grandmother.

Tippi Hedren – Stella Banderas

Alfred Hitchcock was responsible for discovering many celebrities, including Tippi Hedren, who he saw in a commercial back in 1961. Before appearing on TV commercials, she was also a print model who graced Life and Glamour magazine covers. She was a true beauty. After Hitchcock launched her career, Hedren has appeared in movies like Citizen Ruth, Marnie, and A Countess from Hong Kong. 

Closely following her footsteps is her grandchild by Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, Stella Banderas. The Spain-born younger Banderas has seen reports of modeling a crop top on her Instagram account, urging followers to buy from LINE. She has over 155k followers on the social media platform, which means she has a good reach, far more than her grandmother had in the 1960s. We can only guess that the fashion brand has increased sales and would not hesitate to drop some serious investment money towards their ambassador.

Jack Cassidy– Katie Cassidy

Multiple Tony Award nominee Jack Cassidy was an actor who gained fame for his work across TV, film, and theater. Jack was also awarded a Grammy for his excellent work in Broadway’s musical, She Loves Me. His career on TV was highlighted by him becoming a guest star on Match Game, Get Smart, and That Girl, among others. He was also the father of David Cassidy.

He never got to see Katie Cassidy, his granddaughter, as she was born in 1986, while the actor has passed a decade earlier. However, if he did, we are sure that the elder Cassidy would be proud of what she has accomplished. Katie received her breakthrough role in 2012 in the CW series Arrow and has since appeared on several TV shows and movies. Though she never dabbled in theater, like her grandfather, she has received credits for her work in music videos, games, and web series.

Kirk Douglas – Cameron Douglas

Growing up impoverished, Kirk Douglas had to work twice as hard as anyone else in New York, where his Jewish parents immigrated. He was also born as Izzy Demsky but later had the court go legally to Kirk Douglas. The actor would later re-embrace his Jewish roots after a near-fatal accident when he was 74 years old. In a memoir, Douglas did not skimp on the details of the various hardships the family had to endure as immigrants.

Cameron Douglas, his granddaughter, fortunately, did not suffer like her grandfather. However, she had her run-ins with the law, which we hope she was able to sort out. The two were very close, and so when the Spartacus actor passed away, the families, including Cameron, were so distraught. Cameron fondly remembers her granddad as someone who always showed up every time a family member needed him.

Marlon Brando – Tuki Brando

Two-time Oscars winner Marlon Brando has a career that spanned 60 years. Apart from appearing in movies like On the Waterfront, The Night of the Following Day, and The Brave. He was such a respected actor because he viewed the craft as a person’s avenue for creative expression, though he found theater acting rather emotionally draining. Many people gained meaningful insights just from following Marlon’s prestigious career.

Brando led a rather prolific life, so he also fathered 11 children, Cheyenne, father to Tuki Brando. Marlon had the chance to bond with Tuki and his other grandchildren before he passed away in 2004. Unlike his grandfather, Tuki appears to be more inclined towards modeling rather than acting. He was once the face of the 2007 Versace Fall men’s campaign; if there is anything we would like for him to inherit, his grandpa’s excellent money management skills.

Wellington Mara – Rooney Mara

NFL would be a bit different without New York Giants’ very own Wellington Mara. He was, after all, the younger son of the Giants founder, Tim Mara. While his father started the NFL franchise from the ground up, Wellington had it more accessible, as he just inherited the shares from his father. He did work for the investment money and served as the team vice president, taking care of most of the executive decisions for the Giants.

Born to a business-oriented family, Rooney Mara thought she would deviate from the established route and create her path. She decided to become an actress and has since taken on Tanner Hall, The Social Network, and other independent films. Rooney is also an animal rights activist. What would have made her grandfather proud is that she has accumulated $16 million so far in her bank account.

Robert F. Kennedy – Conor Kennedy

Lawyer Robert F. Kennedy or RFK served as the 64th US Attorney General until he joined the Creator in June 1968. Bobby Kennedy was a well-loved figure, and many even see him as the best president the United States ever had. Born to a wealthy and influential family, RFK studied at Harvard University and received his law diploma from the University of Virginia. Far from the offices of the AG, he started his career as a media correspondent. It was his brother, JFK, who was instrumental in bringing him into politics.

One of the grandsons of the late RFK is Conor Richard Kennedy. Of course, he never saw him, but he probably would be proud that Conor took after him and also studied law. He once dated singer Taylor Swift, but they called it quit in 2012. They only dated a few months, with Taylor even getting the blessing of the influential clan, but with no hard feelings for each other, they parted ways in October 2012.

Jim Carrey – Jackson Riley Santana

Comic actor Jim Carrey was perhaps among the most prolific ones out there. You would expect his name and funny face to appear every time there is talk of a new comedy movie. Some of her more notable works included Fun with Dick and Jane, Dumber and Dumber, and Bruce Almighty. The actor was once married to waitress Melissa Womer, with them having a child together. Would you ever imagine Jim Carrey as a grandfather?

Perhaps the answer is no, but the actor undoubtedly had a grandchild through his daughter, Jane Carrey. Jackson Riley Santana is just 11 years old, but she is already an actor. Granddad Jim is ever so proud of this new addition to the family and has posted photos of him on his Twitter account. The two even celebrated the Fourth of July together a few years back. You could just sense the degree of proudness Jim has for his grandson.

Walter Huston – Anjelica Huston

The patriarch, Walter Huston, has been a pillar of the family. He was not only a good actor but a kind father and grandfather as well. Huston grew up amazingly out of determination and grit because when he was a young man, he worked in construction while also taking acting lessons part-time. He even maintained several jobs until 1909, even after appearing in a couple of plays, Julius Caesar and The Sign of the Cross.

Huston never got to see his granddaughter, Anjelica Huston, as he passed in 1950, while the latter was born the year after. If he had, he would likely be very proud as she has also received an Academy Awards, just like him and his father, John Huston. Anjelica has had recurring roles in many TV shows and several movies. We just hope that apart from the acting genes, Anjelica also inherited some of her grandfather’s money management skills.

Charlie Chaplin – Oona Chaplin

The Tramp is the fitting persona for Charlie Chaplin as this took inspiration from the hardships he had to go through in early childhood. The family struggled financially, and his mother likely had to turn to personal loans to get by. With a situation like this, Chaplin was ever more determined. He began performing in music halls and then, later on, worked as a comedian and a stage actor. The Tramp Persona later went into development, which formed a large fans base for him.

Oona Chaplin, his granddaughter, might not have had the undergo hardships, but she is a commendable woman. She came to be just a decade after her granddad passed on, but for sure, everyone in the family talked about him at the dinner table. Following the family’s career track, Oona also tried acting and appeared in several Spanish and British short films. She is also set to appear in Avatar 2.

Clark Gable – Clark James Gable

Who is the King of Hollywood? It was none other than the late Clark Gable. How did he get to receive such a credit? Well, that was for his role in more than 60 motion pictures across several genres. His career also lasted 37 years, with his final appearance in The Misfits was released posthumously in 1961. His other films included Test Pilot, Boom Town, and It Happened One Night. In this last movie, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Named after the family’s patriarch, Clark James Gable was one of the grandsons of the original Gable. The younger Gable was once the host of the TV show Cheaters. Like his grandfather, Clark James also showed successful appearances across multiple platforms as he was an actor, a model, and a TV presenter. He even owned several businesses and had huge potential and a bright future, which was cut short.

Winston Churchill – Nicholas Soames

There’s certainly no doubt that Winston Churchill is one of the most influential leaders in history. Churchill served as the UK’s prime minister from 1940 until 1945, during World War II, and from 1951 until 1955. Besides Prime Minister, Churchill also received credit for winning the Nobel Prize as a writer, a prolific historian, and a painter. One couldn’t easily question his legacy as one of the most iconic leaders during the 20th century.

You could say that being involved in politics runs in Churchill’s blood, as his grandson, Nicholas Soames, also followed his footsteps in politics. Soames served as a long-running Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex starting from 1997 until 2019. Before his time with Mid Sussex, he also served as the MP for Crawley from 1983 to 1997. Without a doubt, Nicholas took a page out of his grandfather’s book and cultivated a long-running career in politics for himself.

Lionel Barrymore – Drew Barrymore

Lionel Barrymore was a prolific American actor who made his mark on stage, screen, radio, and film. Lionel won the Academy Award in the category of Best Actor for his credit role in the 1931 film A Free Soul. He’s also known for his outstanding performance as the villainous “Mr. Potter” in the 1946 film It’s a Wonderful Life. Without a doubt, Lionel was one of the well-regarded actors in Hollywood during his era. Moreover, the actor inspired generations of actors who followed in his footsteps.

You could make a case that acting runs in the Barrymore family tree. Interestingly, Lionel’s daughter, Drew Barrymore, also pursued a career in the acting industry. Today, Drew is one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood, and she continues to appear in various television shows and films. She’s also managed to rake in several awards and accolades, which this grandfather-granddaughter duo has in common.

Donald Sutherland – Sarah Sutherland

Donald Sutherland is a highly-decorated Canadian actor whose film career spans over five decades. As an actor, Donald has raked in numerous awards, including several nominations for a Golden Globe Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, an Academy Honorary Award, and many more. He’s also one of the only actors to be inducted in the Canadian Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Besides acting, he’s also known as the father of Kiefer Sutherland, Angus & Rossif Sutherland.

It’s interesting to know that Donald’s kids followed in his footsteps in acting. Even his grandkids became actors, and one of them is Canadian-American actress Sarah Sutherland. You could say that acting flows through the family’s blood, and we’d have to give Sarah credit for finding interest in the family business. Sarah has already appeared in a good number of films and television shows, including in Veep, where she takes on the role of “Catherine Meyer.”

Geogory Peck – Ethan Peck

Gregory Peck was a renowned American actor who was one of the most celebrated film stars from the 40s to the 60s. As an actor, Peck sits at the 12th spot among the 25 Greatest Male Stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema. He’s appeared in notable films such as Spellbound, The Yearling, The Great Singer, Captain Horatio Hornblower, and countless more films. Gregory also managed to win several awards, including a Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award, and many more.

Besides acting, the public also sees Gregory as a family man, and it’s quite interesting that his grandson, Ethan Peck, also developed the same passion for acting. Like his iconic grandfather, Ethan has already appeared in a good number of films, although he hasn’t quite achieved the pinnacle of success that his grandfather once did. Nonetheless, Ethan continues to be active in the industry as he adds more film credits to his resume as an actor.

Debbie Reynolds – Billie Lourd

There’s certainly no way that film enthusiasts could forget who Debbie Reynolds was. Reynolds was able to cultivate an acting career that spanned almost seven decades, and she holds acting credits in notable films such as Three Little Words, Singin’ in the Rain, Bundle of Joy, and many more. Considering that she was in the entertainment industry for almost 70 years, Debbie managed to win her fair share of awards, including several nominations for a Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award, a Satellite Award, and many more.

Debbie would be delighted to know that her granddaughter, Billie Lourd, developed the same knack for acting like her. Billie also explored her passion for acting, and she currently stars in the hit television show American Horror Story. She also made several appearances in the Star Wars sequel trilogy from 2015 until 2019 and appears in various films and television shows today.

Roxie Roker – Zoe Kravitz

Roxie Roker was a well-known American actress known for her credit role as “Helen Willis” on the iconic sitcom The Jeffersons from 1975 until 1985. Roxie enjoyed an acting career that lasted over two decades, all while being a full-time mom to legendary rock musician Lenny Kravitz. You could say that this mother-son duo had no problems of being under the limelight.

Though Roxie’s son Lenny didn’t choose acting, Roxie’s granddaughter, Zoe Kravitz, was the one who followed in her footsteps as an actress. Zoe’s one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood today, and she’s been able to appear in movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, X-Men: First Class, the Fantastic Beasts series, and many more. Zoe certainly has the edge over her grandmother as she’s also an incredibly talented musician and a model.

Blythe Danner – Apple Martin

Blythe Danner is a renowned American actress who’s enjoyed a long-running career in the entertainment industry. Danner also holds credit for memorable films such as We Were the Mulvaneys, Back When We Were Grownups, Little Fockers, and many more. She’s also a recipient of several awards and accolades, including two Primetime Emmy Awards, a Tony Award, multiple nominations for a Golden Globe Award, and many more.

It’s impressive to learn that Blythe cultivated an illustrious career in entertainment while being a full-time mother. Blythe is the mother of director Jake Paltrow and actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwyneth’s daughter Apple Martin. Considering that her mother and grandmother are both renowned actresses, it’s pretty reasonable to expect Apple to follow in their footsteps too. If indeed Apple decides to pursue acting, she’ll have both her Blythe and Gwyneth give her notes on how to cultivate an illustrious acting career.

Paul Burke – Alia Shawkat

Paul Burke was one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood during the 1960s. Paul’s most notable acting credits came in television shows like Naked City and 12 O’Clock High. Without a doubt, Paul Burke could make his mark in the entertainment industry, as he managed to achieve several accolades, including multiple nominations for an Emmy Award. He certainly belonged on the list of Hollywood’s renowned actors during his era.

Paul isn’t the only one in his family who pursued an acting career. Interestingly, his granddaughter, Alia Shawkat, followed in his footsteps when it comes to acting. Alia also managed to become a successful actress, and she’s best known for her roles in The Final Girls, Search Party, State of Grace, and many more. You could certainly make the case that Alia inherited her acting prowess from his iconic grandfather.

Berry Gordy – Austen Gordy

Berry Gordy is a well-known American record executive and producer. He’s best known for founding the famous Motown record label and all of its subsidiaries, which was the highest-earning African-American business in the United States for decades. Berry was also a songwriter, and he was able to compose a good number of hits, including “That’s Why,” “Do You Love Me,” “Reet Petite,” and many more.

You’d think that Berry’s family would pick up his passion for music and start a music career themselves. Luckily, his grandson Austen Gordy followed in his footsteps in the music industry. Austen is a well-known rapper, and he currently goes by the stage name “Sky Blu.” He’s already produced, released, and created several hits and studio albums throughout his career, and you could say that the degree of similarity between grandfather and grandson is pretty uncanny.

Elia Kazan – Zoe Kazan

Elia Kazan was a prominent actor, producer, screenwriter, and director widely recognized as one of the most influential directors in Hollywood and Broadway history. Elia’s films were best known for concerning various social or personal issues that have his particular concern. In his words, he doesn’t move unless he has a certain degree of empathy with the basic theme. Without a doubt, Elia was one of the unique individuals in entertainment.

Entertainment seems to be in the blood of Elia’s family, as his granddaughter, Zoe Kazan, also took an interest in the industry. Zoe pursued an acting career, but she’s also a playwright and a screenwriter at the same time. She already appeared in a good number of movies throughout his career, including Ruby Sparks, Meek’s Cutoff, The Savages, Revolutionary Road, and many more. You could say that Zoe inherited his father’s passion for acting and the industry as a whole.

Grace Kelly – Charlotte Casiraghi

Grace Kelly was a famous American actress who was widely popular during the 1950s. Kelly appeared in a good number of films, where her performances earned her several awards. Some of her most notable acting credits came in films like Mogambo, The Country Girl, High Noon, and many more. However, Kelly’s acting career was short-lived, as she married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, turning her into the Princess of Monaco.

Kelly had three kids and several grandkids. One of them is Charlotte Casiraghi, a Monégasque model and socialite. Kelly would have been incredibly proud to know that her granddaughter is also a writer, editor, journalist, and film producer. You could say that Charlotte inherited her grandmother’s knack for being in front of the camera. She’s currently in her 30s, and it’s reasonable to speculate that Charlotte might soon choose to venture into the film industry as an actress.

Steve McQueen – Steven R. McQueen

Everyone certainly remembers who Steve McQueen was. Nicknamed “King of Cool,” McQueen rose to popularity as an actor during the 1960s and 1970s. He was best known for his antihero persona. He’s starred in many blockbuster films, including The Sand Pebbles, Nevada Smith, Le Mans, Bullitt, Papillon, The Magnificent Seven, and many more. McQueen also managed to win several awards and become the highest-paid movie actor at the same time.

He certainly would have never guessed that his grandson, Steven R. McQueen, would follow in his footsteps as an actor. Steven already has his fair share of notable credits, including his role as “Jeremy Gilbert” in the famed The CW series The Vampire Diaries. He’s also starred in other television shows such as Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. You could say that it’s only a matter of time before Steven lives up to his potential and becomes as great as his iconic grandfather.

Roald Dahl – Sophie Dahl

It’s safe to assume that most of us may have read a book written by Roald Dahl at some point in our lives. Dahl is one of the best-selling authors of all time, and his books have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. He was not just an author, but he was also a famed novelist, poet, screenwriter, short-story writer, and wartime fighter pilot. He was also known for his legendary children’s works, including Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and many more.

Dahl’s granddaughter, Sophie Dahl, also took an interest in writing. Sophie published her first novel back in 2003, titled The Man with the Dancing Eyes. She then followed it up by releasing Playing with the Grown-ups four years later. In 2009, she penned a cookery book. Without a doubt, Sophie must have been inspired by her grandfather and his legendary works. We’ll certainly have to give her credit for acting on that inspiration!

Errol Flynn – Sean Flynn

Errol Flynn was a popular Australian-born actor who achieved fame during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Errol was best known for his swashbuckling romantic roles and was frequently partnered with actress Olivia de Havilland. Some of Flynn’s most notable acting credits came in films like The Adventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood, Dodge City, and many more.

Errol would certainly be pleased to know that his grandson, Sean Flynn, also became interested in show business over three decades after he passed away. You could say that performing is in Sean’s roots, as he has been an actor since he was seven. Sean started his career by appearing in many commercials until he moved on to star in the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101. He’s now 32 years old, and he continues to study the craft.

Patty Duke – Ali Astin

Patty Duke had won several awards throughout her career as an actress. In the 1950s, one of Duke’s first roles was in the soap opera The Brighter Day. She also appeared in television commercials and print ads. Years later, Duke landed her first major lead role in the Broadway show The Miracle Worker as Helen Keller. From there onward, her career flourished, resulting in numerous film and television projects.

Apart from acting, Duke also achieved success in singing. Two of her songs reached the Top 40 hits in 1965, Don’t Just Stand There and Say Something Funny. She also performed in television shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show. She also devoted much of her time as an advocate, educating the public on mental health after getting diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1982. Duke’s acting lineage continued down to her granddaughter, Ali Astin, who is known for her role in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King—credit to her talent and grandmother’s genes.

Richard Burton – Charlotte Ritchie

Known for his baritone voice, Richard Burton had established his name in the entertainment industry as an impressive Shakespearean actor in the 1950s. He is also a distinguished actor in the 1964 Broadway production of Hamlet. Burton was widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of his generation. He was credited with a Tony Award, Golden Globe Award, and BAFTA Award in the 1960s. In the late 1960s, Burton became one of the highest-paid actors with a fee of more than $1 million and shares in movie gross receipts.

Burton’s acting roots had been carried down to his daughter, Kate Burton, and granddaughter, Charlotte Ritchie. Ritchie is an English actress, singer, and songwriter who is best known for her roles in Ghosts, Fresh Meat, Siblings, Feel Good, Dead Pixels, and Call the Midwife. She is also a member of the classical crossover group All Angels.

Ernest Hemingway – Dree Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is a novelist known for his understated and economical-styled works. He coined the “iceberg theory” writing technique and had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction. Ernest was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. He is the great-grandfather of model-actress Dree Hemingway. Dree rose to fame after her portrayal of the lead character in the independent drama film Starlet in 2012.

Shortly after dropping out from Oaks Christian High School, Dree pursued a career in modeling. In 2003, she was presented as a debutante at the Bal des débutantes in Paris. She made her debut at Givenchy’s fall/winter 09–10 catwalk show in Paris, and she walked in Calvin Klein’s resort show in New York in 2009. Later that year, Dree opened the 2010 spring/summer collection show of the British multinational retailer Topshop in London. Her career flourished to a great degree.

Mick Jagger – Assisi Lola Jackson

Mick Jagger is popularly known as the frontman of the British rock band Rolling Stones. Throughout his career, which spanned over six decades, he had been described as one of the most influential and popular frontmen in rock & roll history. Jagger worked with Keith Richards in writing most of the band’s songs. As his career began to thrive, he ventured into acting in the late-1960s up to the recent years.

Jagger has starred in numerous films such as Charlie Is My Darling, Ned Kelly, Running Out of Luck, Mayor of the Sunset Strip, and The Burnt Orange Heresy, among many others. In 1989, the singer was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2004 with the Rolling Stones. It seems that Jagger can take credit for passing down some of his traits to his granddaughter, Assisi Lola Jackson. Although not much information about her is available on the internet, it is reported that Jackson is a social media personality.

John Wayne – Brendan Wayne

Nicknamed Duke, John Wayne became a popular icon during the Golden Age in Hollywood through his roles in many war and Western films. From the 1920s’ silent era through the American New Wave, Wayne’s career prospered as he starred in a total of 179 TV projects and films. For three decades, the actor had been among the top draws of the box office and appeared with several other significant stars of his era in the entertainment industry. Wayne was recognized in 1999 by the American Film Institute as one of the greatest male stars of classic American cinema.

Early in his career, Wayne worked for the Fox Film Corporation and mostly had minor roles. In 1930, he landed his first major role in the Western movie The Big Trail. From then onward, Wayne had become one of the highly successful actors in Hollywood. Credit to his lineage, his grandson, Brendan Wayne, has inherited his penchant for acting. The young Wayne is best known for his works in the television series The Mandalorian, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Sons of Anarchy. 

Queen Elizabeth – Prince William

Elizabeth II is the firstborn of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. In her adult life, she became the heir presumptive after her father ascended the throne following the abdication of his brother, King Edward VIII, in 1936. Educated privately at home, Elizabeth II began to undertake public duties to a substantial degree during the Second World War and served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. She married a former prince of Greece and Denmark, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1947.

They had four children—Charles, Prince of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Andrew, Duke of York; and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. The royal lineage continued to her grandchildren, and one of them is Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Prince William is the eldest child of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. In the succession of the British throne, Prince William has been second in line since birth. He was educated at Wetherby School, Ludgrove School, and Eton College.

Samuel Goldwyn – Tony Goldwyn

Polish-American film producer Samuel Goldwyn was widely known as the executive and founding contributor of many motion picture studios in Hollywood. Early on in his life, he Warsaw and made his way to Hamburg, where he stayed with family acquaintances and trained as a glove maker. In 1898, Samuel moved to New York and found a job in the bustling glove business. Not long after, his innate marketing skill made him a highly successful salesman at the Elite Glove Company—credit to his talent.

After many years came to pass, Samuel and other business partners established The Jesse L. Lasky Company to produce feature-length motion pictures. From then onward, the producer had amassed vast fortunes throughout his career in the entertainment industry. His success endured through his grandson, American actor, producer, singer, and director Tony Goldwyn. He appeared in many commercially successful films, including The Last Samurai, Tarzan, and Ghost.

John Carradine – Ever Carradine

One of the most famed and prolific character actors in the history of Hollywood, John Carradine, received widespread recognition for his roles in Westerns, horrors, and Shakespearean theatre. In total, he had held 351 film and television credits, making him one of the most productive English-speaking actors of all time. His first film role was in Tol’able David in 1930. Years had passed, and Carradine played the Count in the Universal Studios’ Dracula sequel in 1940, House of Dracula and House of Frankenstein.

Since then, the actor had become one of the highly successful personalities in Hollywood, and that success was continued by his granddaughter, Ever. Ever Carradine is known for her role on the television series Commander in Chief and Once and Again as Kelly Ludlow and Tiffany Porter, respectively, on ABC network and Runaways and The Handmaid’s Tale as Janet Stein and Naomi Putnam on Hulu channel.

Ringo Starr – Tatia Starkey

Ringo Starr is famously known for his international fame in the 1960s as the drummer of the Beatles’ English rock band. Ringo had sung as lead vocals with the group, usually one song on every album, including Act Naturally, Yellow Submarine, and With a Little Help from My Friends. Credited as a co-writer, he wrote some of The Beatles’ songs, such as Octopus Garden and Don’t Pass Me By. But early on in his career, Ringo worked as a machinist at an equipment manufacturer in Liverpool.

Shortly after, he had become interested in the UK skiffle genre and eventually co-founded his first band, the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group. The year that forever changed Ringo’s life and career was in 1962 when he received an offer to join The Beatles. And from then onward, the rest is history. Seemingly, the drummer has passed on his passion and skill in music to his granddaughter, Tatia Starkey, an English musician and bassist of the group Belakiss with a stage name of Veronica Avant.

Princess Diana – Princess Charlotte

Princess Diana was the former longtime partner and wife of Prince Charles and the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, whose glamour and activism earned her enduring popularity and made her an international icon. She takes credit for having a profound influence on the royal family as well as British society. Diana was born into nobility and grew up close to the royal family on their Sandringham estate.

In her adult life, she had been engaged to Prince Charles while working as a teacher’s assistant in a nursery school. And from there, history was made. Though Diana departed this life, her memory and legacy will forever live on through Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William. She started her education at the Willcocks Nursery School near her family’s home in Kensington Palace. In 2019, together with her elder brother, Prince George, they attended the Thomas’s School in Battersea, known as Charlotte Cambridge.

Jane Fonda – Viva Vadim

Former model and actress Jane Fonda made her acting debut in the Broadway production of There Was a Little Girl in 1960, where she takes credit with a Tony Award nomination. Later that year, she made her film debut in the romantic comedy Tall Story. As her career began to flourish, Fonda has starred in numerous films such as Period of Adjustment, Sunday in New York, Barbarella, Barefoot in the Park, Cat Ballou, California Suite, The Dollmaker, and many others.

In 1982, the actress released her first exercise video, which became the highest-selling VHS of Jane Fonda’s Workout.  Among the awards she received included seven Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Lion Honorary Award, two British Academy Awards, Cecil B. DeMille Award, an Honorary Palme d’Or Award. Hopefully, her stellar legacy in the entertainment industry will remain with her granddaughter, Viva Vadim, who has Fonda’s grace and beauty.

Pierce Brosnan – Isabella Sophia

Best known for playing the fictional character of the secret agent James Bond and the fifth actor in the film series, Pierce Brosnan attained international acclaim for the movie. He continued to star in several commercially successful films and television series such as Remington Steele, Dante’s Peak, Mamma Mia!, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and many more. Brosnan took home the credit for a Golden Globe Award, the Irish Film and Television Academy Lifetime Achievement Award, and honorary patronage of the Dublin Patronage society at Trinity College in Dublin throughout his career.

Clearly, the actor has achieved success tremendously in his chosen profession. Seemingly, his looks carried over to his granddaughter, Isabella Sophia. By the time the young lady was 14 years of age, sadly, her mother had passed away on account of a medical ailment. Presently, Sophia is now all grown up and perhaps on the path to stardom, just like her granddad.

Susan Sarandon – Marlowe

Susan Sarandon began acting in the drama film Joe in 1970 and later on appeared in the soap opera A World Apart the following year. Years after that, she co-starred in the television film F. Scott Fitzgerald and ‘The Last of the Belles’ as Zelda Fitzgerald and the musical comedy horror film The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Janet Weiss. Eventually, Sarandon starred in many films in the succeeding years, including Thelma & Louise, The Client, Lorenzo’s Oil, Dead Man Walking, Pretty Baby, The Witches of Eastwick, etc. Sarandon took credit with a BAFTA Award, Academy Award nomination, and the Screen Actors Guild Award in those movies.

With her graceful beauty, Sarandon has passed down the genes to her granddaughter, Marlowe, who is now six years old. The young lady was born in August 2014 to celebrity parents Eva Amurri, daughter of Sarandon, and Kyle Martino, NBC network sports analyst. The happy grandmom shared the experience of helping Eva deliver her first child at her home in Los Angeles, and it was overwhelming, according to Sarandon.

Eddie Murphy – Evie

Eddie Murphy rose to prominence through the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live as a regular cast from 1980 to 1984. As a stand-up comedian, he ranked at number ten on the list of 100 greatest stand-ups of all time on Comedy Central. Murphy took the credit for Golden Globe nominations in the films Beverly Hills Cops series, 48 Hrs., Trading Places, The Nutty Professor, and Dolemite Is My Name. He won the Golden Globe Award and received an Academy Award nomination for his performance in the musical film Dreamgirls as the soul singer James “Thunder” Early.

Early on in his career, he was inspired to become a comedian after listening to the comedy album That Nigger’s Crazy by Richard Pryor when he was 15. Not long after, he performed in a talent show at the Roosevelt Youth Center. And from then on, he established his name in the entertainment industry as one of the highly successful actors. Seemingly, the granddaughter, Evie, is going to follow in his footsteps when she’s all grown up. In a photo uploaded on her mother’s Instagram account, both mom and daughter make quite a memorable appearance.

Candace Bergen – Arthur Louis Albert

Best known for her portrayals of various characters in television series, Candace Bergen began her career as a fashion model, eventually gracing a cover for Vogue magazine, and it wasn’t long before her career in acting flourished. Her screen debut came in the film The Group in 1966 and subsequently starred in many others, including The Sand Pebbles, Soldier Blue, Carnal Knowledge, and The Wind and the Lion. In Broadway, Bergen debuted in the play Hurlyburly and later on appeared in The Best Man and Love Letters.

Her career thrived throughout the years, and she received credit for five Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and BAFTA Award and Academy Award nominations. Her acting legacy has the likelihood to be passed on to his grandson, Arthur Louis Albert. His adorable face features itself to the public in a photo uploaded by Bergen’s daughter, Chloe Malle, on her Instagram account.

Lionel Richie – Sofia Richie

Recognized as one of the icons of music, Lionel Richie was one of the Commodores’ singers, a group that dominated the R&B scene in the 1970s. Eventually, Richie left the group and released his first single, Truly, from his self-titled album as a solo artist. From there, more songs were released, such as Hello and Dancing on the Ceiling. It is worth noting that Lionel co-wrote We Are the World together with Michael Jackson to raise awareness of the famine in Africa.

He topped the charts again with his success in Tuskegee last 2020 and had been one of the judges in American Idol. Sofia Richie is Lionel’s youngest (born in August 1998) of three children. Sofia is credited for her work as a model and has mastered this craft since she was a teenager. Sofia’s stunning face has represented notable brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas.

Meryl Streep – Mamie Gummer

Just this 2019, it has been revealed that Meryl Streep’s beauty will continue to live on—Mamie Gummer, her daughter, just gave birth to her first child (Meryl’s first grandchild). Mamie got engaged to her fiancé, Mehar Sethi, writer and producer, a few months before giving birth. More importantly, this is perhaps one of the most memorable instances since Mamie is the first of Streep’s children to become a parent.

In a recent interview, Streep cannot contain her excitement about becoming a new grandma. In the 1960s, Meryl Streep graced the stage with her presence. Ten years later, she began pervading the film world and took the credit for an Oscars for Kramer vs. KramerSophie’s Choice, and The Iron Lady, among others. The actress has been captivating audiences in drama and musicals, making her one of the most skillful actresses that have ever existed.

Harrison Ford – Guiliana Ford

It may not be obvious, but Harrison Ford, one of the most renowned Hollywood actors, struggled in the past before he received a role in American Graffiti. His acting has only begun to attract attention for his role as Han Solo in the early Star Wars films and for starring as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels, all of which attained a degree of success. Aside from the movie above, Harrison had leading roles in subsequent films such as Blade RunnerWitnessWorking GirlPatriot Games, The Fugitive, and 42.

In his most recent works, the actor revisited his roles in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Blade Runner 2049. One of the most significant roles that Harrison Ford has played is being a grandfather to four lovely children, which includes Guiliana Ford, daughter of his son, Willard. Despite his busy schedule, the Indiana Jones star makes time for his family.

Snoop Dogg – Cordoba

In a recent Instagram post, Snoop Dogg’s granddaughter, Cordoba, has been captured slaying blue two-piece overalls with white sneakers. She also rocked her pink kiddie sunglasses and complimented her look with a matching pink handbag. She just becomes more adorable by the day that her mother, Cordell Broadus’ partner, Phia Barragan, has been posting tons of her photos on Instagram. However, Snoop has a lot of grandchildren to shower his love on. Snoop and his wife, Shante, have two grandchildren from their eldest son Corde.

Recently, Snoop’s fans are beginning to see his soft side when it comes to family. Perhaps a total contrast to his bars and lyrics, it goes without saying that Snoop has transitioned from a gangsta to a family man. It is worth noting that Snoop takes credit for selling tens of millions of records and has an extensive career in music and television.

Naomi Judd – Elijah

In the ‘80s country music scene, The Judds were the most listened-to duo that became successful. Composed of mother and daughter Naomi and Wynonna, they released six studio albums that went on to have 14 top 1 singles, one of them is Mama, He’s Crazy. It is also worth mentioning that the duo takes credit for winning five Grammys. In an interview, Naomi views her life in retrospect, stating that she led an adventurous life, doing things no one has ever done before.

One of those experiences included the birth of her first grandchild, Elijah. Before that moment, Wynonna had health issues that might complicate her pregnancy. The connection between mother and daughter allowed Naomi to reassure the safety of Wynonna’s C-section procedure. Elijah grew up to have a vibrant personality. Naomi thinks he could be a standup comedian one day.

Priscilla Presley – Riley Keough

Riley Keough is one of the movie industry’s rising names. This young movie star is a descendant of Elvis Presley, and she sure has her famous grandmother’s looks. During the premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road, the actress sees media reports of being with Elvis Presley’s former wife, Priscilla, who is an avid supporter of her granddaughter’s acting career.

Riley’s mother is Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis and Priscilla’s only child. To be credited as the King of rock ‘n’ roll’s granddaughter is perhaps something to be proud of. In an Instagram post, Riley posted a series of photos to honor her grandmother’s birthday, whom she considers a queen. It is pretty apparent how the grandmother-granddaughter duo shares a certain resemblance. It is worth noting that Riley got her singing and writing skills from both parents. She is credited for appearing in The Runaways and for her lead role in The Good Doctor.

Kris Jenner – Reign Disick

Kris Jenner was formerly married to Robert Kardashian in 1978 and had four children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Jr. However, the two filed for separation, and Kris, later on, married Bruce Jenner and had two daughters, Kendall and Kylie. A few years later, they starred in the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which is credit for the family’s rise into fame.

Reign Aston Disick is one of the newest additions to the Kardashian family. He is Kourtney’s son, Mason and Penelope’s younger brother. In 2020, the adorable Reign stole the hearts of the Kardashians (and fans alike) with his fresh haircut, which surprised everyone because he always had long hair. The youngster snapped a few photos documenting the special day they spent with Kourtney for mother’s day. Reign’s sweet side was also displayed when he brought his mom a healthy drink, assuming she was sick.

Barron Hilton – Paris Hilton

Barron Hilton originally intended to be a pilot. At age 17, he had already started to learn to fly a plane which he believed was his passion. In the second World War, Hilton found a job as a war photographer. After his father’s death, Barron inherited the vast number of hotels his father owned while showing an exceptional degree of managing them. Moreover, his brilliant foresight of the future of gambling enabled the group of hotels to become the first enlisting on the New York Stocks Exchange.

A fan of football and his vast investments, he founded the American Football League (AFL) and owned the team Los Angeles Chargers. One of Barron’s descendants is Paris Hilton, the daughter of his son, Richard Hilton. Paris Hilton is widely recognized for The Simple Life series and compels the media’s attention with her books, businesses, and music.

Alan Ladd – Jordan Ladd

Having Ladd as a last name automatically gives the bearer of this name Hollywood royalty status. Jordan Ladd is the granddaughter of the phenomenal actor Alan Ladd. Jordan trails her parents’ and grandparents’ footsteps in the world of show business. She had her first appearance in a Polaroid commercial at age 2. In the 1990s, Jordan began co-starring with her mother in films such as The Girl Who Came Between Them and Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back.

In 1994, Jordan had started to be independent by starring in Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Embrace of the Vampire. Jordan Ladd seems to have inherited Alan Ladd’s enthusiasm for film. Alan dominated the world of cinema in the 1940s and the 1950s. He found credit in films such as ShaneThis Gun for Hire, The Glass Key, and The Blue Dahlia.

Brett Favre – Parker Mallion

In a 2019 Instagram post, Brett Favre, who used to run quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, brought his grandson out to meet Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback succeeded by Favre. The two quarterbacks stood beside Parker. Some fans noticed Favre’s tip-top shape and thought he could still play in the field. Parker’s mother is Brett Favre’s daughter, Brittany Favre-Mallion, who has become quite an exceptional woman in her own right.

Before Favre dominated the football scene, he attended the University of Southern Mississippi before receiving a draft in 1991 to the Atlanta Falcons. Brett received a trade to the Green Bay Packers a year later, where he led the team to a Super Bowl victory. It is worth noting that he received credit for being MVP three years in a row. Before retiring from American Football in 2010, Favre had short stints with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings.

Lauryn Hill – Zephaniah Marley

Aside from being a successful rapper, Lauryn Hill has added another milestone to her list of achievements: being a grandmother to Zephaniah Marley. The adorable boy is the child of Lauryn’s eldest son, Zion Marley. In an Instagram post, Lauryn Hill compiled a couple of photos of Zephaniah in the present, a cute 3-year-old boy, and when he was a newborn for his birthday. In-frame are her four children Selah, Micah, John Nesta, and Sarah, who seems amused by their nephew.

Lauryn Hill is one of the members of the hip-hop trio The Fugees before she went solo. The artist is labeled as one of music’s lost geniuses because she had to take time off the studio and avoid the spotlight. After all, she had to invest most of her time to raise her huge family with Rohan Marley. However, her blend of toughness and soulfulness continues to live on and serve as future investments towards inspiring the new generation.

Terrence Howard – Hazel

Terrence Howard takes recognition as a famous actor and singer. One of his most notable performances is starring in Hustle & Flow, where his acting degree earned an Oscar nomination. His first TV appearance was in 1992’s The Jacksons: An American Dream. Later in his career, he played significant roles in hit films such as Dead Presidents and Mr. Holland’s Opus. Years later, Terrence saw a leap to stardom for his performance in Crash, where he took credit for numerous nominations and awards. His performance in Dead Presidents was presumed to be his most famous role yet.

In December 2012, Terrence’s granddaughter, Hazel, was born. The actor expressed his insight in an interview, how much hope he had for the third generation. In the months that followed Aubrey’s pregnancy announcement, Terrence waited in earnest to meet Hazel. Indeed, it seems Terrence has a huge responsibility on his hands as a father and as a future mentor to his grandchildren.

Michael Jordan – Rakeem

Aside from being hailed as one of basketball’s greatest players, one of Michael Jordan’s most remarkable achievement would perhaps be becoming a grandfather. In an Instagram post, Jasmine Jordan posted a gift wrapped in blue (a sonogram) under a Christmas tree. The couple, Jasmine and Christmas, attended Syracuse University. Jasmine acquired a degree in sports management while Christmas played college ball. After graduating, Christmas was drafted by the Indiana Pacers and played two seasons.

Michael Jordan receives constant consideration of being one of the best basketball players in the sport’s history. He dominated the sport in the 80s and the 90s. It is worth noting that Jordan led his team, the Chicago Bulls, to six championships and received the award for Most Valuable Player award five times. All in all, Jordan was awarded five regular-season MVPs and three all-star MVPs, making him one of the most successful players in the sport.

Kid Rock – Skye

Some of Kid Rock’s fans on Twitter could not contain their joy on knowing that he is already a grandfather at the age of 43. He urged his son, Bobby, and granddaughter, Skye, to move in with him in his Tennessee home where they could be together. In an interview with a reputable source, the country star exclaimed how he began to love Tennessee more than his hometown because of the presence of his family (Bobby and Skye).

In a Rolling Stones interview, Kid Rock believed he was lucky enough to have the energy to play with his granddaughter and witness her growing up. It is obvious how Kid Rock’s happiness is overflowing on social media; it is apparent how he loves to make investments by allocating time to spend with Skye. Recently, the grandfather-granddaughter duo received media coverage at Disney World. More importantly, the photo saw a posting on Kid Rock’s Social Media account.

Flavor Flav – Brianna

Flavor Flav is among the pioneers of hip-hop’s rise into the mainstream during the late-’80s to the early-’90s. He is the co-founder of the rap entity Public Enemy, best known for the hit album with the title, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, and their hit songs such as Fight the Power. Though Chuck D was the star rapper of the group, Flavor Flav was the hype man and is given much credit for elevating their live performances to another level.

After taking some time off away from the limelight, Flav would star in several reality shows for VH1 during the 2000s. Among them includes Strange Love, Flavor of Love, and The Surreal Life. What surprises many, especially after these shows revolved around the rapper’s love life, is that he is now a grandfather. He has seven children, and in 2012, he shared a photo of four of his grandkids, Eric, Matew, Michael, and Brianna.

Anna Wintour – Caroline

Fashion magazines have been one of the significant components of the fashion industry for decades. After all, without these media outlets and their investments, the ever-changing trends of modern fashion receive an abrupt halt within its tracks. And among the significant figures of fashion magazines is Anna Wintour. She has been the chief editor of Vogue since 1988, as well as landing her role as Global Chief Content Officer for Conde Nast in 2020.

Over the years, the fashion connoisseur has been married twice. The first was David Schaffer during the ‘80s and separated in 1999. The second was to Shelby Bryan, whom she married in 2004 and recently saw a separation in 2020. She has two children, and in 2017, the then-67-year-old fashionista welcomed her first grandchild, Caroline. Although Anna is not known to have social media presence, her daughter-in-law, Lizzy, took to Instagram to share their moments of welcoming the brand new addition to their family.

Catherine Zeta-Jones – Ryder Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a distinguished actress in Hollywood. She is an all-around entertainer, having found success in theater, winning a Tony Award and an Academy Award to her credit. Moreover, the Wels actress has received the honor of being appointed Commander of the British Empire for her significant contributions to films and humanitarian efforts. Most of us know her for her roles in the film series The Mask of Zorro, musical Chicago, Entrapment, Ocean’s Twelve, and No Reservations, among others.

Since 2000, Catherine has been married to fellow actor Michael Douglas. And although they have two children together, she was his second wife, and Michael already had a son, Cameron Douglas, with his first wife, Diandra Luker. Just last year, right after the couple celebrated 20 years of marriage, they were treated to a delightful blessing in welcoming Cameron’s first-born son Ryder Douglas.

Sally Field – Noah Greg

Sally Field is a veteran of the industry. She started back in 1962 and has starred in dozens of films and TV shows throughout her career. Her lucrative success receives backing from various esteemed accolades to her credit. Among them are three Emmy Awards, two Academy Awards, and two Golden Globes. More than her distinguished Hollywood career, Sally has fostered a big loving family.

She has three sons, Peter Craig, Eli Craig, Sam Greisman, five grandchildren, Sophie, Isabel, Colin, Ogden, and Noah. Her eldest was married twice and had three children in between them. Peter had Sophie in 2001 and Isabel in 1998 with his first wife, Amy Scattergood. And with his second wife, Jennifer DeFrancisco, he had Ogden. Sally’s two youngest grandkids, Noah and Colin, born in 2006 and 2014, respectively, are thanks to her middle son, Eli. He is married to actress Sasha Craig.

Nicolas Cage – Lucian Coppola

Nicolas Cage rose to fame back in the ‘80s and would become one of the most prominent stars in Hollywood by the ‘90s. We all love and know him in films such as The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off, National Treasure, and Lord of War, among many others. For his years in the industry, he has been awarded several accolades to his credit. Among them is a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for his iconic performance in Leaving Las Vegas. Today he is 57 years old and continues to be active with his acting career. 

Through the years, we have been privy to Cage’s love life. We have seen him go through four marriages, currently married a fifth time with Riko Shibata. He has two sons, Kal-el Coppola and Weston Coppola. And in 2014, thanks to Weston, Cage was blessed with his first grandchild, Lucian Coppola.

Fantasia Barrino – Khoen

Fantasia Barrino or known professionally as Fantasia is a famous singer. Her widespread recognition in the music scene brought about her talent show American Idol back on its third season in 2004. She received coronation as the show’s winner, and her investments quickly led her in releasing her debut single, I Believe. It was an instant chart-topper, and since then, Fantasia has released seven studio albums and even won a coveted Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for her hit song Bitter Sweet. 

Fantasia is still at the young age of 37, and you’ll be surprised to know that she is already a grandmother of two. She is currently married to Kendall Taylor, with a son Trey. The R&B singer’s stepson blessed her with a grandchild back in 2016, when Khoen was born. And just two years ago, in 2019, Trey had his welcomed son, Kyan.

Ice Cube – Jordan Reign Jackson

Ice Cube grew to a degree of popularity back in the ’90s. He is amongst the pioneers of gangster rap and has considerably influenced many musicians with his time with the iconic rap group NWA back in the late ’80s. However, Cube’s success didn’t stop there, and his solo career catapulted him to further stardom, diversifying his brand with acting. He is also known for starring in comedy films such as the Friday franchise, Barbershop, 21 and 22 Jumpstreet, The Player’s club, and Ride Along.

Since 1992, Cube has been happily married to Kimberly Woodruff. Together, they have four children, including rising film star O’Shea Jr. He starred in 2015’s biopic Straight Outta Compton as his father. And 2017, his ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Garcia, announced on social media that she had welcomed daughter Jordan Reign Jackson. Indeed, the fans are excited to see more pictures of Cube’s little princess to see their uncanny resemblance!

Marie Osmond – Stephen Jr.

The Osmond have established their family as a respected name in the music industry. And although Marie Osmond was never part of the family’s singing group, she also made a reputation for herself in the entertainment industry with her solo career in the genre of country and co-hosting, along with her brother’s variety show Donny & Marie during the late-’70s. She is widely famous for her hit song Paper Roses, recorded in 1973.

To Marie’s credit, she values her family above all else — and what a big one it is. She has eight children and eight grandchildren. Stephen James Craig has four kids, Stephen, Maxwell, Olive, and Christian, with his wife, Claire. On the other hand, her second daughter is Rachael, a family with two children, Wolf and Rocket Jade. Finally, Marie’s other daughter Brianna Blosil added two more grandchildren into the family, Maude and Mabel, born in 2019 and 2020, respectively.  

Alice Cooper – Riot And Falcon

Alice Cooper is one of the most famous names in Rock and Roll history. With an illustrious career that spans over five decades, the rock star is known for his eccentric stage performances with outlandish stage props to go along with it. His raspy voice has inspired a generation of musicians, and for some, he is given credit for being The Godfather of Shock Rock. His stage name was originally the moniker of his band back in the ’60s. However, they would eventually grow with immense popularity through the ’70s and ultimately disbanded in 1975.

He took up the band name with his solo career. In 2015, Alice finally entered into grandfatherhood. His son, Dash, welcomed twins Riot, and Falcon, with his wife. In an interview, Dash shared that his family came up with a list of names and eventually agreed with Falcon’s name. And for Riot, Alice’s wife, Sheryl Cooper, just stumbled upon the word at a concert and instantly felt a connection with it.

Garth Brooks – Karalynn

Garth Brooks is a famous country musician. He is known for incorporating a mixture of pop and rock into his music. His unique sound of the country was his ticket to success as he grew to a certain degree of widespread popularity across the US. The Oklahoma-native musician sold-out arenas left and right and eventually broke through to the mainstream scene. So far, he has produced nine albums with multiple chart-topping hits and two Grammy Awards, and seventeen American Music Awards to his name.

Garth has been married twice through the years. His first was Sandy Mahl, whom he was married to for over 15 years. Today, he is married to Trisha Yearwood. They have been together since 2005. Moreover, Garth is a grandfather. His middle daughter, August, gave birth to Karalynn when she was 19 years old. Though she may have entered motherhood at a young age, Garth was very forthcoming and even said that his daughter had the fine-makings to be a mom.