Chrissy Teigen | Cook

Chrissy Teigen is a fashion model turned social media star who has a $26 million net worth. She also earns north of $10 million every year through her various endeavors. Thanks to a combination of her modeling job and internet fame, Teigen’s wealth is rising day by day. Before she became a highly-paid model and an internet icon with 13.5 million Twitter followers, she shared in an interview that she faced financial problems in the past.

Back then, she had no bank accounts and credit cards, and her road to success was not a bed of roses. Nevertheless, she started her career at 18 when she was discovered by a photographer at Huntington Beach, California. From there, she established her show business career. Aside from Hollywood, Teigen is also a cook. She once filmed a cooking channel special titled Cookies and Cocktails and is the author of two cookbooks.