Steffi Graf | $2,39 Million | Las Vegas, Nevada

The influence of a person has to start somewhere. In the world of tennis, such a source would be Steffi Graf. Throughout her career on the tennis court, the athlete achieved numerous successes, one of which was being the first and only female player to win each major tournament at least four times. Thanks to her athleticism and versatility, she is also regarded today as a source of inspiration for a more modern style of the sport.

Graf is married to Andre Agassi, a former tennis player who also has numerous successes to his name on the court. In the meantime, the couple has put one of their houses in Las Vegas on the market for $2.39 million. Although the house is modestly equipped by celebrity standards, it undoubtedly offers everything the residents need to feel comfortable. As for the amenities, the tennis court is perhaps the most notable, especially for the couple’s longtime fans.